Challenge #01677-D216: Hobby Fallout

[Title: Obstacle Course] Some are carefully planned to stretch our physical strength. Some just happen. -- Knitnan

Storm season on Hitizzy was never fun. Especially when the storms hit both in space and on the surface of the planet. It was said that Hitizzy was a place everyone got into, once in a while, but the weather rarely got the people in Hitizzy, into a tizzy. Except for this one time.

Everyone knew that attempts at weather control always ended badly, so the entire population, transient and non, hand bunkered down for the duration. Which was forecast to last for further weeks. Deliveries to domiciles were either by printer or subterranean pneumatic tube. Which meant that the food was fresh, as were the pre-recorded entertainments. And so long as there were plenty of activities to keep one sane, the population at large was more or less okay.

None of this explained why the furniture in this rented domicile had been reclaimed and replaced with numerous engine parts.

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