Challenge #01611-D150: Two Birds


"You know, I learned a long time ago that if you say that in any matter relating to [Person], if you even get an answer it will probably lead to more questions." -- RecklessPrudence

They used to say, "if a problem's big enough, the Glunk will take care of it" on Amalgam Station. As a hostile biohazard, it was unique in the known universe. For a start, it was the only known biohazard in civilisation that counted as its own district.

People had been trying to get rid of it for centuries. And now Rael was watching through a regulated viewing window as... Shayde's sheep wandered about and grazed on large portions of it.

They were a relic of a multi-dimensional bubble, had a negligible relationship with gravity, and gave bright purple, non-allergenic wool. They were also -as one might expect- hard to explain to the casual tourist. But now all four of them were inside the contained area that housed the Glunk, and none of the alarms had been tripped.

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