Commedia dell'errata

I have had a really messed-up day so far. Which has lead to the title of this blog entry.

So far today:

  • Mayhem decided to spend LITERALLY all night playing games instead of sleeping so he was completely unprepared for school
  • I found out that Mayhem also manages to spend $1K/month on data usage with his mobile
  • Which lead to an entire morning talking about responsibility and how much he needs to think ahead before he does a thing.
  • On the way home from the sprog run, the car up and decided that it wasn't going to respond to the accelerator any more and only travel at 5kph along the main thoroughfare
  • Called the repair folks, they said to call RACQ
  • RACQ said I needed a tow
  • Called around as ordered, and waited for the tow truck to take me all the heck way to North Lakes
  • Finally got there and hung around until the replacement car
  • Found out that my license had expired some months ago and Main Roads hadn't sent me a reminder
  • Couldn't fill out the online rego because I needed the reminder letter that I didn't get
  • Half an hour on hold later, I explained my situation and came to the revelation that I would have to get two lifts
  • There and back to the nearest Dept of Transport, plus form anxiety
  • Wave bits of paper at the relevant people and finally get the replacement car whilst my zippy little car goes to the car doctor.
  • All this before breakfast, and it took until half-past one in the afternoon.


I have a lot of work to do and a very little time to do it.