Challenge #01604-D143: They Grow So Fast

How about one where Aliens are stunned at the absurd growth rate/ regenerative properties that humans seem to have. Either for something as small as fingernails or hair needing constant maintenance, to 'how did that child grow a full METER in the ten years I was absent?!' -- Anon Guest

Human Steff had reproduced. Live birthing was trauma enough for most of the crew, but the idea that humans could be small and fragile was overwhelming. These mammals had to be crazy to engage in such a process voluntarily when there were artificial gestation processes. And then Human Steff explained that she considered her ordeal to be a religious devotion.

Nevertheless, Human Steff encouraged all crewmembers to meet her Baby Human Di. And it was astonishingly small in comparison to Human Steff's prior girth. Baby Human Di was a small creature with a short fluff of hair and, K'iix noted, had to wear protective mittens and socks to prevent them scratching themselves with their tiny and sharp nails.

Baby Human Di spent most of her time asleep, and most of her waking time feeding from the mammary glands of Human Steff. The infant had no ability to control anything about itself. How and when this creature could become one of the most indestructible and indomitable creatures in existence was beyond K'iix.

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