Challenge #01512-D051: Fascinating...

For the "Humans are space orcs": Aliens can only focus on one thing at a time. They're far more efficient because they hyperfocus and complete any task in a far shorter amount of time. So humans penchant of talking/humming/listening to music while working is both distracting and baffling. -- Anon Guest

Half the crew were watching the ship's human in their segregated kitchen. Terran music blared at maximum allowed volume, and the human sang slightly louder. Inside the quarantine zone, three pots were on the hotplates and the human was gyrating in the tiny space as they sang.

They seemed to be spelling out a word repetitiously, but that was not the source of the fascination. The human was cooking as they danced. Dividing their attention between three pots. Poking with the appropriate tools and sometimes juggling them as they went.

Even Captain P'k'rd was entranced. However, as leader of hir Rin'kathi crew, hir duty was to the proper functioning of the ship, and therefore had the mental fortitude to tear hir eyes away from the display and focus on the intercom. "Crewbeing Jek'sun... You are disrupting my crew with... whatever you're doing..."

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