Challenge #01487-D026: On the Other Side of the Fence

“I have at least 14 bad angles” - Carrie Fisher -- RecklessPrudence

Carl made a career out of being abnormal. As one of the rare few who could not be cured, he told the jokes than nobody else dared make. Like, "Hey did you hear about the dyslexic biker? He joined Hell's Angles." or, "Public transportation is a real pain. You just try catching the sub every day."

And it worked. People laughed. He earned a living. He kept a home and had what passed for a life. But because his condition was so very rare... certain things just did not exist. Fonts, for instance, that 'weighed' the letters into their places and made it easier for him to read anything at all. Those were relics of a bygone era and far more expensive than they had to be.

Amazing how the system could force a person to pay more for something that allegedly nobody wanted. Now there was a joke. Supply and demand. They had the supply, so they could demand what they liked for it. Fonts, reader software, audio books... anything that could make his life a little more tolerable... it cost upwards of five figures. Because his condition was so rare.

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