A good start. Almost.

Everyone is organised, lunchboxes are packed, everyone is clean and dressed and ready. I even have time to sit down and write this blog. Before 7AM.

We just forgot to go on our walk, today.

If we still have time by the time I've finished my salty broth, I may poke my love to go walking. The plan B is park the car far away from Chaos' new school and get our walking in that way.

But the fact that I have time this morning is one more sign that we're getting organised. This is a big deal.

We even have some laminated info sheets for Chaos' school so they can pass around information about LCHF, which is good for almost all bodies1. And it can plausibly be a lot of help for a great deal of kids who share Chaos' school.

Some teachers have already seen behavioral improvements with Paleo, another lo-carb dietary lifestyle. They can see the sense of it. Which is a vast improvement from trying to talk a lot of other people I know into doing the thing.

When I think back to how close I was to reaching LCHF solutions, it's maddening. That old food pyramid has a lot of us fooled into thinking we need carbohydrates in vast amounts. I mean, sure, I was losing weight with a lo-fat diet, but... I was absolutely miserable. I was depressed. I was struggling.

And I'm fairly certain I was about to yo-yo back up by breaking the lo-fat diet I was on. That happens a lot. Lo-fat diets are not rewarding. Lo-carb diets are, and I can see changes happening in my body. It's amazing.

And now that I've finished my broth, it's time to go for a walk.

  1. Check with your physician/oncologist if you're taking hormones or have thyroid issues.