Challenge #01239-C144: Read Before Signing

I accidentally summoned a demon -- Gallifreya

Belphagor looked around. It was a dusty old book shop. One of those poky little places that almost, but not quite, lead to another reality. The shopkeepers certainly seemed like they had once lived in one, and never quite got the hang of the new reality.

Facing him was an art student. They had to be an art student because the homeless tended to consume way less coffee. And your average bum tended to care a little more about their appearance.

"Holy shit," said the art student. "I didn't expect it to work."

"For what it's worth, I didn't expect to be summoned," said Belphagor. "What is your wish?"

"Ah crap. I only get one?"

Belphagor shrugged. "I dunno. I didn't read the waiver I signed."

"Shit," the art student looked into the tome they were holding. "Uh.... it's not exactly clear what I get out of this, either? Um. Are you, like, bound until whatever conditions are completed?"

Belphagor shrugged again. "I dunno. I didn't read--"

"The waiver. Yeah yeah." They sipped their coffee. "Says here that you're under my command until I make a wish that would forfeit my soul. Um. Does that count if you're an atheist?"

Another shrug. "I dunno. I--"

"Didn't read the waiver. Crap. Um. Okay. Do you know, like, any of the rules?"

Belphagor could only shake his head.

"Well this is fun. I'm guessing the kind of shit that would never happen is the kind of shit that gets me damned, right?"

"Oh yes," said Belphagor. "That's standard."

"Probably going there anyway. According to my entire family, it's what I get for being trans/pan/poly-sexual."

Belphagor winced. "Tough break. Hi. I'm Belphagor. Your wish is my command."

"Call me Sandy. Despite appearances, I'm really a girl."

Sandy bought the book, and a few other random tomes for a project. Nobody seemed to notice Belphagor. But this was a nook bookshop from another reality that was currently next to an art college in Portland. Weird was no longer something that stood out.

"Should warn you," said Sandy, "I'm not the type to wish for anything. You and I are going to be stuck together for a while."

Belphagor thought of his Master and the trouble he'd be in for this summoning. "I think I can be okay with that."

"Great. Let's discuss wording... Say I wanted to find a hot babe..."

"You would discover an abandoned baby with a fever."

This earned a grin. "Oh, this is going to be fun."

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