Good morning

Once again, my fucked-up sleep cycle strikes in the wee small hours. I plan to use it to my advantage, though. You all get your instant story ahead of time, and I get a day of luxurious loafing.

The only downside for me is that I'll have to update my master files when I finally exit my bedroom. Yay for laptops, boo for non-cloud files.

Pretty sure the Google editor does rich text and not plain text. That could plausibly fuck up everything I've been working on, so... I have to keep my master file on my main PC only. At least until Beloved finally makes that add-on for my pro site. Then I expect it to go mobile in a hurry.

I could carry the Year of Instants with me. I have a Markdown editor that's mobile. The disadvantage is that it only does one file at a time. That's something of an impediment for multitasking me.

I have Beloved's ear tomorrow, so I might discuss how to fuck with Stackedit so I can see the word count and have multiple files open at the same time. But only after we've edited KFZ. I need that fucker to be ready to send out to any and all agents in New York.

And I can't really judge any agent by which books I've heard of here in sunny about-to-flood Queensland. The spec fic section of my local book shop is a tiny little space of shelving, barely a meter and a half wide. Crammed in between the romance novels and the kiddies section. Most of the contents are fantasy, and of the science fiction, the only stuff that isn't Star Wars, Star Trek or Doctor Who... is Isaac Asimov and Philip K. Dick. With the occasional rare sighting of Ursula Le Guin. If there's any new sci-fi up there, it's crying because it's alone.

Trust me to pick a genre that's the orphan child of fiction. I have to be bloody good just to get on the shelves at the local shop. I don't think I'm there, yet. And a negative review of Hevun's Rebel, this morning, has pretty much whacked my ego back down.

On the other hand, I might make it big elsewhere, and therefore lead the local QBD into giving shelf space to newer sci-fi again. It could happen. And while I'm wishing, why not a billion dollars?

Eh. I'm supposed to be relaxing, today. And that starts with getting my work out of the road so I don't have to do it.