Challenge #01110-C013: Fear of the Gifted Child -- RecklessPrudence

There were skeleton spiders in the lab. No, not the exoskeletons, which novices animated for practice, but actual spiders made of bones.

That one had a rib cage for an abdomen.

"Clerita... what the flying hell?"

Clerita, the problem child, the one who was always so far ahead of everyone that she seemed like she was behind, looked up from her current project. A bird with bony pinions. "Uhm," she said.

"Why?" demanded Pendrigast.

"Uh. I was bored? I had a lot of necrowire[1]? Um. And there were all these spare parts."

"How did you get that much necrowire?"

"I was sort of fooling around? Andum... you know how you always have me making necrowire?" A thankless and boring task that took up a lot of time. "Well... I kind of improved on the process. I only started using it after I filled the reels."

Pendrigast looked. Reels that were usually half-full at best were straining to contain spool after spool of necrowire. An absolute fortune, according to the recently-outmoded standards. Spools that had not been full since the Old Times now creaked softly under their burden.

Clerita's latest creation cawed and took wing. Of course she'd make it so that it flew. "Am I in trouble?"

Pendrigast sighed. "Only in regards to your anatomy finals..."

[1] You always see these animated skeletons but nobody asks how they don't fall apart.

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