Challenge #01035-B303: One Dull Afternoon at a Public Crossroads

Fiat lux!

Which is Latin for "my small Italian car is on fire!" (I can't remember what this quote is from) -- Gallifreya

[AN: For those who are not at all familiar with Latin, it actually means "Let there be light"]

Rael couldn't loom from underneath someone like Lyr could. But he could sneak up on Shayde as she added to a graffiti wall and conspire to look annoyed.

She had written, in relatively large, friendly letters, Fiat lux! And underneath, in smaller print, she was carefully completing the words, (A small Italian car is on fire).

"Mis-information for profit is a criminal offence, Shayde," he said.

She whirled. "Oh, hallo... Fancy meetin' you here." She could not blush, not with her ebony skin tone, but her glowing eyes turned a sickly shade of chartreuse. "And check me free FAQ ere ye go reportin' me tae th' cops."

He did. And there, among the top five viewed questions, was Does 'fiat lux' really mean that? And it was answered accurately.

"So... what is the purpose of this?"

"I'm prankin' folks."


"Playin' a joke. Ye ken, right? Like gluin' money tae th' floor. Or pointin' an arrow at th' ceilin' and writin' made ye look on it. Harmless fun."

Understanding dawned like an unexpected supernova. "You're bored, and you're making entertainment."

She boggled at him, her eyes flaring briefly white. "Yer kiddin' me. Ye never had a wee bit o' fun wi' people."

"You know my history. Pranks are counter-productive."

"One day," said Shayde, "I will get ye tae have some fun." He still didn't know if it was a promise or a threat.

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