By crikey, it's hot

Mayhem is powering through the sports drink that I honestly thought would last him the better part of two weeks. More fool me. Chaos has imbibed every last juice box we had.

Mayhem needs the drink he has because it's one of the few things that keep his stomach settled in the heat.

And it's a sticky, humid heat this morning that promises melting delights for all the people who never wanted to melt in the first place.

I'm already getting sweaty. And not in the fun way.

Potential relief may be at hand, dear readers, because Aldi's is selling some split system air conditioners [with all the frills and flashing lights, no less!] for a "mere" $699.

They heat, they cool, they sense the ambient temperature and adjust themselves accordingly. They promise to cool the entire house (almost) with the strength of one unit.

They're a dream come true.

ALAS! They might also be out of our budget.

These things are sent to torment me, I swear.

It's a goal to have, though. Even though Aldi's may only have these things for a couple of weeks, we can still save up and get a similar one from somewhere else. White goods are a competitive market. Someone's bound to have the same thing for the same price. Or maybe, if we're supremely lucky, cheaper.

The cat hates getting eye drops, but she is kinda sorta getting used to us giving them to her. She was only pissed off at us for ten minutes, this morning.

Once I finish my writing, I may yet put on some kind of dinner from available materials. But I'm willing to bet money that I will collapse under some cool air in a room with working AC. It's hard to want food when it's already sweltering.

Dinner may yet be ice cream and other stuff. Fruit. Topping. Ice magic. Whatever.

I can't think of much else but getting cool.