Good news, everyone!

The cat is free of the Cone of Shame! Kaloo, kalay, etc.

She still has to stay indoors for another fortnight, just to be certain that she's healed. And we have to apply eye drops.

Better news - we can use human eye drops with no harm to the cat.

Fantastic news - we managed to get all the supplies we need for less than $50. And by "less than", I mean that I got pocket change back.

The Golden Circle Factory Outlet is a firkin godsend. It's amazing. You can get shit by the crate, there. And it's cheaper than getting individual lots. We got some sports drink for Mayhem [excellent for hot days when frozen overnight] some chicken stock for a dollar a litre, and a bag of vermicelli noodles for slightly less than $25.

Then we popped on over to Aldi's and spent most of the other $25 on instant oats and frozen vegetables.

We are truly set to pull our heads in and save our moneys. I hope. I still have a few bills to pay, but I actually have the money to do so with a clear conscience.

The light at the end of the tunnel is not looking like an oncoming train for a change. At least for today.

It's nice to not worry about stuff.