Challenge #00989-B258: The Houyhnhnms Fandom

More on the humans and the unicorn ambassador seen here: -- Anon Guest

[AN: CallMeGallifreya, is that you?]

Ambassador Thrass kept G'pux by her side at all times. But when she found out that there was an exercise track... She crept out in the early morning to enjoy a good run.

All she needed to do was follow the warning signs.

She met up with Ambassador Shayde on her second lap, her white hair mostly caught up in a topknot ponytail that was subsequently braided. Thrass slowed her pace to meet the human's slower trot.

There were quite a lot more humans on the track since she started her run...

"Is this being exercise hour?" Thrass enquired.

"No' gen'rally..." Shayde turned around and jogged backwards. "Ah. I see what it is..."

"You knowing nature of event. Is good."

"Ah, no' fer you..." Shayde resumed facing the way she was trotting. "Ye see... Young an' Tweenage girls are magnetically attracted tae unicorns. They cannae help it. If ye stand still fer too long, fights'll break out over who gets tae comb yer mane an' all."

"Oh my goodness," murmured Thrass. She considered her options. "Best being run for safety, yes?"

"I can do ye one better. I can gi'e ye a glamour. Make it look like yer talkin' tae me while you abscond unseen down a side path. It's good fer twenty minutes, so make th' most of it, aye?"

"Aye," whispered Thrass. "What is being fair trade for such energies?"

"Well... I never really grew up," confessed Shayde. "I want tae ride ye later. At yer convenience."

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