About that ugly banner up the top...

It says "Pay now" because actual donations mean declaring myself a non-profit organisation with a charitable edge. Plus paperwork. And you know how much I hate paperwork.

More like "loathe and fear" because, once upon a time, the government made my income completely dependant on filling in forms correctly and without a single error. Coupled with my anxiety, that did some really malevolent things for my ability to tackle paperwork with a song in my heart and a spring in my step.

Australia has the myth of the Welfare Queen, too. I would love to meet this mystery woman. I want to know her secrets.


So anyway, for each dollar you donate, Paypal takes a little "processing fee" of Seventy cents. It's not a whirlwind income, I grant, but it's better income than the $0 I got from this site earlier.

Work will eventually happen to make the button less eye-splittingly horrible. Either when Beloved gets sick of looking at it, or after November the Eleventh. Whichever happens first.

In the meantime, drop whatever you can into my piggy bank. IF anyone complains that they "can't donate enough" then I will add extra denominations. The caveat to this is that whoever complained HAS to donate a larger denomination. I will be watching.