Challenge #00990-B259: One Dull Morning in a General Supplies Store

The helgoq leaf ( being used/marketed as a human repellant. -- Anon Guest

The really beautiful thing about a truly open market was that things moved astonishingly quickly. No snake oil, just things that worked, and worked best at what they were for.

Though there were a few 'alternative uses' that made for interesting discussions...

Shayde found one such item in the safety products aisle. Alongside the usual protective devices and common-use medical instruments were the repellents. And prominently in the New Product section was...

All-natural biodegradable non-toxic Human repellent. Made from organically-grown Helgoq leaves.

Of course Shayde picked it up and laughed at the endorsement on the side. Inside a garish star, the words read, Smells like satan's arsehole on a bad curry night!

There were scratch and sniff cards. Every bit as pungent as she remembered.

Rael, watching her performance, boggled at her. "You know how it smells. Why did you smell it again?"

"Erm..." said Shayde. "Dunno, really." She sniffed the card again. "Checkin' tae make sure?"

Rael shook his head and pulled her away. "Humans are ridiculous," he muttered.

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