I thought I was zen about change. I thought I was cool with everything that SPG collectively decided to alter.

But then they announced that Sam Luke was leaving for his own artistic stuff, and my beloved woobie child Hatchworth was gone from the robots I adore.

So my ASD hatred of change kicked up and resulted in a stab of fear through the heart, and now I have the sads. It's not as if he's died for cryin' out loud, but I'm still mourning his loss in my own weird way.

Of course I'm going to be following Sam Luke in whatever he does next. Just like I'm still keeping tabs on Walter Workers past and present. And just like I'm keeping an eye out for Michael Reed and anything he makes.

Loyalty is a hard thing to shift, with me. It takes a Really Big Deal to permanently break my heart and shatter my faith in someone or something I love.

If this keeps on, I shall be following a very wide variety of very strange things with no other common thread than SPG.

I'm coming to the end of my five-day dose of antibiotics and the results are plain. I needed that medical intervention. The nasty stuff is almost gone, and so are my antibiotics.

BUT - it also turns out that, just like my Dad... modern medical science has also been trying to knock me off. A combination of family history and some new research has shown that Ketogenics has saved my life before anyone knew what Ketogenics existed. That thrilling tale will have to wait until tomorrow.

Because today... I am taking Miss Chaos off to her Shrink way up on the Sunshine Coast. And part of our agenda is a Shrink in closer digs, and the procedure for all that nonse. Travelling over an hour each way is not good for anyone.

Which means that I have to get a wriggle on for today. And organise Miss Chaos as well. Aigh.