Burning at Both Ends Again

I give myself too many projects when I'm bored. Then I run out of time to do them because I overcommit to things. Then I burn out and get depressed and don't do any firkin thing.

It's a cycle. I'm trying not to ride it downhill this time around.

HAM only works when you have uninterrupted half-hours to do things. It's great for my day structure when there is no structure. When I gotta organise myself around other shit... it's not so great.

Having a schedule helps, I admit, but I can only schedule for so many things... and that's okay. So when I get the free time again, I will work on a half-hour per day on a thing. Depending on my mood and skill level.

Also, I have a Trello account which I am currently using to break up and keep track of my gaseous projects so I won't accidentally pick up more when I next run out of excitement.

Today, there's a lot to do and I can't concentrate. Again. I might have to take it easy on myself and just have a Complete Slug Day. Do my Instant and then take a holiday. Just fart around and enjoy myself without producing anything.

I can do all the work, it's just that I'm feeling a teeny bit fragile from doing it, today. Plus it's Game Night, so a rest day is firkin earned by staying up until past midnight because shenanigans.

I'll see how it goes.