Bug'rem bug'rit...

State of affairs: One out of three scheduled posts happened as I think I scheduled them. The others, set allegedly two hours apart, didn't. And that scheduled post happened seven hours ago, now.

Fun times.

I'm just going to let those other two go, for the majority of today, because today is all about Chaos' Adventures at the Orthodontist. Yes, today Miss Chaos is getting Government Brackets for her skewed teeth. I'll probably have to shell out some kind of cash and get a Medicare rebate on a portion of that. Our dear employees just love byzantine systems where they can shuffle money around.

Beats me why you don't just scan or swipe your Medicare card and get the rebate percentage off.

Meanwhile, in lieu of a morning walk, I'm arranging as much as I can before I wake Chaos and get really busy.

And, as I write this, my site is down. Huzzah. Obviously, since you're reading this, I'm going to get it fixed, but in the meantime, I'm trying not to panic. Beloved, my grand fixer-upperer, has promised to look at it. BUT...

My site is down, so my site's forum is sunk with it. Without my forum, I can't look up prompts. No prompts, no story.

But that's okay! I have had a backup plan for a while. I go to Tumblr and look up the writing prompts tag and pick the most interesting one.

Or, if none of those suit my fancy, appeal to my followers for something random in my in-box. Or as a reply.

I also have to pack two lunches, ready some water bottles, charge an iPad, and make sure my Lappy is travel-ready so I can WIP wherever I wander. And do Chaos' hair, and make sure she has fresh clothes.

Of all the days for things to fuck up, I think I picked a bad one.

Okay. Now Murphy has decided to let my site live, but the forum is still down. Something be hideously messed up. Grr.