Ok let's get this sorted

I've scheduled my posts on Steemit again, with the goal to making earlier and earlier story posts. As near as I can figure, the Rules for the scheduler go thusly:

  • You are not allowed to post close to the current time of day
  • The soonest you can post is an hour past the next hour to come by
  • You can only post two hours apart
  • It is and forever shall be on US time

With all that in mind, it was in my best interests, today, to schedule seven posts, starting with the default time when I clicked today's date. That thing about 'today' may have been a mistake.

I may need an international clock for wherever this services' server is so I don't have to do head math.

But. I have also scheduled my next three past stories for 23 hours after I post the first past story. Make sense? No? Well...

I'm trying to creep my past Instant's postings to an earlier hour, so I can just write the daily Instant live and never have to fret because the past Instants arrived sometime whilst I was sleeping.

But it doesn't seem to be working, so I have to do more unriddling.


Miss Chaos has a dental appointment, tomorrow. She's going to get free government braces (hooray) to fix her overbite. And depending on how flexible her mouth his, they're going to be there for a minimum of a year.

I had me a very flexible mouth, so my brackets only lasted one year. If Miss Chaos is just as versatile, we may not be needing them for long. Here's hoping.

The downside is that Chaos likes to bite things. Every time we get something in foam packing, she nicks off with a large chunk, and the next thing I know, there's teeth marks all over it.

Also, I have to be ready for the Great Book Run come the 15th.

Addendum: I derped and forgot I hadn't posted this yet. Whoopsie.