Once again, my inability to count is hurting my day. I have to go through my master file and be sure all the numbers are incremental. Whee.

That's going to take a little patch of time.

Things will be fixed. Eventually. From thence onwards, I vow to check my counting accuracy every fifty stories. That should keep me sorted. I hope.

It's been raining here - which I like - but not on the fires. Boo.

I also binged The Witcher and followed that with a Toasty stream... which resulted in no sleep for your local 'Nutter between the hours of 4PM yesterday and -hmmm- about right now. And I still have to fix my master file before getting on with today's Instant.

Expect gibberish, folks. I am no longer functioning on all cylinders.

...yoikth and awaaaayyyy....