Back into the rhythm

It is the last full week before Back To School. My little darlings have their shit sorted apart from lunchboxes, I think. Should still be able to get those long about Wednesday if they want them.


  • Today is cleaning day
  • Tomorrow is shrink visit

And thusly, the Wednesday is the only actual day I have guaranteed free so far. I will be asking the darlings whether or not they want a fresh lunchbox and I'm willing to bet Mayhem will answer in the negative.

In fact, as soon as I'm done with this blog entry, I'm off on a Money Run because Monday, then settling down to HAM out my writing tasks in order of importance.

For those attempting to fine-tune HAM for themselves, the half-hour mental peace breaks did work to help me keep focus, it was solely my repeated failures at everything I attempted that had me having a Depression Nap at like six in the afternoon.

I'll get there in the end.

I've started proceedings to get help, to whit, joining a forum in which help is possible. I may have to join the discord since I signed up for the forum and no email confirmation has appeared. What's one more time sink between friends?

I just want things to exist that could be fun for other people. What's the Universe got against me for trying to make them happen?