Another busy day

Visiting relatives. In an effort to prevent the day-after colliwobbles, I'm packing my own food and drink. Two bottles of filtered water. Two bottles of Keto Sports. Boiled eggs. Cheese. And some chicken if Chaos hasn't devoured it all.

If not, there should be some salami sticks left.

If not that, then I'm just going to have cheese and eggs all firkin day. I'll see what veggies we have and do something with them so I can have fibre. This won't be the first time I've had carrot sticks and mascarpone on the run.

And speaking of doing things on the run, I plan to take my lappy so I can work on some fanficcery or illegal chapters while I'm sitting around not doing very much.

...and eating out of a lunchbox.

Tomorrow, I'm seeing the doctor for a meds top-up and a blood test order. Which I plan to fill out on Tuesday.

Also on Monday, we have a Skip coming to collect the literal hill of garbage that we evicted from the garage. After that, it's a simple matter of rearranging a few things and -gasp- we can park a car in there!


Might also take my iPad Pro with me. I need to work on things to do with Rabbit's arms so she looks like she's spinning out of control. Which might mean drawing more hands. Boo.

Hands are hard.

Gotta do it or this whole project is going to be another pipe dream that went nowhere.

Stories are easier.