An End, A Beginning, A New Way

Today's the day I reach the end of my Blasts From the Past. Which means I have to find three other things to write about to keep my scores up, OR... focus intently on the one Instant and just go from there.

If I choose the latter [because lazy] I will have more time for Other Projects, which will be something of a boon.

I could also post sample chapters of whatever whenever so I can maybe entice people over to help me edit stuff on Patreon.

Probably on weekends like today. We'll see how next week goes with just my Instants.

Mayhem doesn't like his medicine. Big shock. He's going to like having gallstones worse. Or the follow-up, kidney stones. I hear they're hell on earth.

And we also have some hogget to pick up, so that's just some extra fun for today.


Onwards with the chaos.