Almost there!

The dress arrived, yesterday! And it looks GORGEOUS!

If I ever order another one [my size has gone down since January, when I ordered this one] I will be sure to include my arm girth because these sleeves are more than a little snug when I bend my arms.

[Shown here: some blur of the dress just after it arrived]

You might not be able to see, but it has POCKETS! They're covered by the corset when I'm in costume, but who the fuck cares! POCKETS! In a DRESS!

[Shown here: Bathroom photo of me with the dress on]

I plan on having a popped collar because (a) it looks cool and (b) I don't have to put so much makeup on down the back of my neck. I will have to put more down the front because that top button is sheer discomfort.

If you want photos with me on the day, give me time to do the top button up because it does look better that way.

I did promise the Powers that, should my dress arrive in time, I would work as Bitzer in local cons to raise money to combat leukaemia. To that end, I shall be working with MeMum to make a better pair of bloomers [thanks to the corset and the dress, they need to be longer in the leg and shorter in the butt] because the way I wear them now, they feel like hobbles and they don't show up under the dress. Dang. AND on another prop that I sheer didn't have time or room for. Only a few people know about 'Pobbit' right now, but when I get around, they will.

I will deal for now, because there is fuck all I can do about it this close to takeoff.

Also - three petticoats is too many for the flare in this dress. Two is just right. I shall have a spare for if something disastrous happens to one of the two that I wear.

I have worked with a file and some tea on the edges of the "photo" prop to age it up and make it look like it's been knocking around a basement and repeatedly handled by a dippy robot for 100+ years. I'm rather pleased with the results.

And today, I shall be headed to the shops to get $40 worth of potential bribes for any Americans I may be hitching a ride with. I shall have $20 worth of Minties and Jaffas [Polly Waffles have been discontinued, sadly] and $20 worth of dollar coins because, apparently, Americans love them.

The lollies will travel with the cosplay and the dollars will go in my carry-on. Belt and braces.

After that, I only have to worry about the last-minute things, like toothbrushes, daily meds, and chargers. Fortune working in my favour, Bitzer will be toddling around Tucson and having the time of her mechanical life.