A Modestly-laid PLN

My car is ready from its rehabilitation, today. This simple O-ring replacement is going to cost over a grand. Ouch.

Like... I have that much squirrelled away, but it's putting a dent in my finances for sure. Like... half of my luxury expenses fund dent.


Also on the menu this morrow is: Unfucking the wreckage of the three days where I was not around to prevent it, a money run to pay for same, the usual tales to tell, an uber lift over to rescue my car, PAY for my car, and get it home. THEN we're taking the kids to the shops for a spending spree for egg-shaped chocolate.

I'm gonna be wrecked. Financially. Temporally. Possibly emotionally. It's definitely taking all my energy.

So yeah. I'm getting myself some ice cream at the end of the day. No argument.

That, and the most luxurious egg-type sweetie I can get my filthy hands on.