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A 6-post collection

::muttered curses::

Stackedit is no longer my favourite editing program because it sucks now.

Basically, it doesn't like any file much over 25000 words and its save function doesn't. This, as you can imagine, puts a serious crimp on my style. Especially since my aim is generally WAY more than 25000 words.

I started writing this thing on Novl'r as a way of keeping my shit together. Then I 'ported it to Stack so I could work on it at a professional level.

Now that it's Summer, I really need to do the novel on my Lappy, because air con.

And the newest version of Stack, which I can't revert from, keeps pulling this shit:

[Shown here: Screenshot of Stackedit where the text is cut off mid-sentence. Also, you get a rare non-Patreon peek at some of my ongoing novel]

I can't add anything. I especially can't save my changes. It all goes back to this noise.

I'm sure you can imagine how badly this pisses me off.

So I 'ported everything BACK to Novl'r so I could get something firkin DONE, yesterday, and got the words in and more. Because each new editor has its own way of counting the words. Go figure.

This morning, Beloved has introduced me to the Free Trial version of iA Writer which is a lot like Stack, but annoying in different ways.

  1. We can train iA to work with Google Drive
  2. BUT... it's not the fastest updater in the west
  3. Which means that I need to really make sure I'm settled for the interim before working on the thing

On the upside, it was relatively fast to 'port everything back out of Novl'r and into iA, so that's okay. And if I still love it when the free trial period runs out, it's going to cost us $40 for one complete app.

The other contender in the editor race was Ulysses, which works on a membership basis and promises to smack us for $60 per YEAR. Yeah. Not my favourite option.

My BEST option would be being able to use the free trial of iA for the rest of existence, but I know my chances are not that great.

So... until the next fuckup happens to ruin my style... I'm on iA now.

You watch. Three more fuckups and I'll be back on TextWrangler, where I started doing firkin fanfic.

Unriddling the SNAFUs

Okay. I've had some errata happening with Steemit. And the queue function. And it seems like I have to have the queue page open so that it will post my blasts from the past.

Math has made it possible for me to deduce that the queue site's twelve noon is my 9PM. So if I want it to post at my twelve noon, I have to schedule stuff for 3AM.

And I'll be starting with the tales that got skipped in the

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Fun times ahead

I've been trying to transfer my music files into #myphonebygoogle, with varying degrees of success. Our current, dropbox model has hit a snag, in that the phone must be active in order to download.

Google Pixel has a maximum activation period of half an hour. There is no 'never' option and no assumption that a user is clever enough to hook the phone up to a power source whilst that shit is going on.

I mean, come on, google. We were smart

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I am frustrate

On the continuing saga of New Phone Wat Dis(aka #myphonebygoogle), I have finally combatted the hassle of getting my music data onto my actual phone. The caveat being that the file manager in question will also play random shit that's content for games. We'll work around that when the time comes.

And speaking of workarounds... I did some 3D drafting for Bitzer's new hip handle, this morning. And once done, it should have been an easy matter to transfer those files

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My best laid plans haven't just gone agley. They're flapping in the breeze. Pissing into the wind. Whistling Dixie.

Inertia is my enemy. I fucking hate it. And I really despise it when the object at rest happens to be people I need to do things for my. My skill set is limited. My ideas of design are either (a) antiquated, (b) fucking ugly, or (c) both. This is why I handed a concept sketch to Beloved for the EGDB logo instead

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My plans have, once again, gang aft agley. The bronze pins are too thick for some of my seed beads, so unless I want to slow down and find the wide-bore ones, I'm going to have to make my own from the wire I have. Turns out the holes are too small for any kind of pin.

Good news: I don't have to go trawling for findings again.
Bad news: A majority of my time, today, is going to be spent on

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