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Agent Hunt

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Every avenue I have to share knows about my Patreon. I might have to pop a regular reminder on Twitter, tho. I need to make my lazy arse dial up the agents-in-potentia and work up an order. I might be done with this list by early next year.

Honestly, agent-hunting is the most nerve-wracking part of this for me. No wonder I'm off in fanfic land with the adorable elf. It's way more fun than adhering to one set of arbitrary qualifications after another, only to get rejected following an interminable rate.

I'm kind'a wishing at this point that a literary agent finds the crap I post online to be worthwhile and up and decides to contact me. That would be way easier. Alas, the sorts who would DO that are also the sorts to predate upon the young and willing with vanity press fees.

Joke's on them, I already know the First Rule: The Money Goeth Towards The Author.

Suck it.

But since there's not much money goeth-ing my way, I still gotta implore for Patrons to fork out for my better tomorrows. For as little as a dollar a month, you can have access to all my works-in-progress. Novels, music, art, and even some fanfic.

The good news is that extra followers are popping up out of the woodwork, and I've been getting some extra sales from the books. People really like the ebooks. Print is an option for those who like physical media. Warning though... I've made two tomes.

The softcovers are out. If I get enough sales of those over time, I'll branch out to hardcovers. But none of them are selling as of yet, so... It's all gas right now.

I just gotta brave up and do the rest of the thing. Seek out agents. Send them samples. Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.

And if I never get further than being an Indie Author on the internet... so be it. At least I tried.

National Holiday

It's ANZAC day, so Australia is taking the day off. Shops are still open, but many of us are not planning to use them and, in typical Aussie tradition, we will be celebrating at some part of the day by setting something on fire.

Gotta love a nation made out of tinder that celebrates things with outdoor cookery and flame.

For the most part, today will be a day at home with nothing much happening. BUT... I have some good news! Smashwords

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Flash Writing for a Dollar a Day

Not that I'm complaining too hard, but writing on Steemit earns me roughly one USD per diem. That's $365.25 per year. That, on top of the $100-something I make off of Smashwords per year, that still puts my income inside of the poverty line.

At least it helps pay for food.

I am going to frelling make myself get stuff ready for publication. The cover for Kung Fu Zombies so I can prep it for Lulu, the actual Lulu copy, which

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Fun times ahead

MeMum actually won a li'l something in the Lotto, and each member of the family syndicate gets a little over $100 bonus. However, Mum doesn't trust the post office to get a letter to anywhere if it has cash in it, so I'm courier for Beloved's Mum's dividend.

What happened to sending a 'Congratulations' type card with said dividend inside? It's not like the post office scours letters for that kind of deal. But then I remember that there's change involved and,

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For anyone in the crafting arena, or anyone who lives with someone in the crafting arena, also knows about SABLE. For those who don't know, it's an acronym for: Stash Above and Beyond Life Expectancy.

...I happen to have enough earring and beading shit to currently last me a lifetime. So I should very likely make myself sit down and spend an hour or a half hour making earrings for EGDB like I've been gassing about for forever and a week.


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So much to do

I'm still doing the read-through of Beauties, and aim to get to the halfway point before the end of the day. Each chapter takes fifteen minutes away from other things.

Other things like writing my Instant, or working on the first five hundred words of the new book, Rael. And I haven't even written the nut notes.

They'll evolve as time goes by.

I've always needed nut notes to keep things straight. As I introduce people, I'll take notes.

And everything is

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Good news: I have found a way to do an efficient read-through of Beauties before I send it off to my dear, dedicated Beta-readers.

Bad news: It sucks balls and takes an age to do.

The method? I get my computer to read my book to me and follow along. Chapter by chapter. I have to take the time to devote myself to this so that my Betas have more to enjoy and less to do. Y'all should be backup to make

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Yoiks and Away, I guess.

Before I wanted to write a draft of the very polite letter I sent to the most recent A2B, I thought I'd check in on their website to see what their responses were likely to be like in the first place.

if we are interested in discussing possible representation, we will contact you by email or phone—typically within 6 weeks.

The time limit has run out. They haven't contacted me. So...

I pick another A2B and try again. At least the

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Small Progress

It's the first of March, and that means that I have seven more days to live through whilst simultaneously fearing acceptance and rejection. Acceptance means I get money, but I also have the possibility of going on book tours and talking at conventions and meeting fans.

And I have social anxiety.

If I am rejected... well, I have to go through all this AGAIN, and with a different Agent-to-be. Or, as I've been starting to shorten it, A2B. Which means another three

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