::Zombie Chewbacca noises::

Woke up at roughly 1:30 AM. Spotty, intermittent sleep until 5AM when my braid decided that, yes, going into slumber was a great idea.

And then, half an hour later, Rabbit started saying 'good morning' to everyone. 5:30 Am, after a rough night like that one, is the time that I least appreciate Steam Powered Giraffe. But I get over it quickly enough.

My gaseous plans to fetch batteries or shop around for cabochons on the cheap are currently shelved. My spoons are lacking, and I have to save them all for bratfetching in the afternoon.

Similarly, my gaseous plans for research are shot down because I won't be able to remember shit.

But I have Tumblr, Minecraft, and a fuckton of beads to sort, care of MeMum. I should be fine.