Yoiks and Awaaaaaay...

Once again, I got rejected. Once again, I do this nonse:

[Shown: Daffy Duck repeatedly swinging into a tree]

I figured this was going to take some time. When I run out of likely candidates in one agency, I will try another. Until I run down to the bottom of my 30-person list.

Only then will I put up Kung Fu Zombies on Amazon and Smashwords.

But in the meantime, there's a new short story for free. It's currently only available in ePub, but that hurdle will be removed as soon as I can figure out how. Promise. [But that doesn't seem to matter to the twenty-six people who glommed onto it in a cold second. Yikes, you guys are fast]

Figuring out streamlined ways of doing things is going to be a pain in the arse.

And speaking of pains in the arse... The continuing struggle of combatting Beloved's inertia is a mountain I have yet to conquer. So far, in the time it takes Beloved to get out of bed, go to the toilet, and take all their obs [weight, temp, blood pressure, and blood sugar]... I have got up, toileted, weighed myself, got the little darlings out of bed, started a laundry wash, done Chaos' hair, taken my pills, and made a start on dinner. We're having slow-cooked lamb legs.

Inertia is my enemy. If I don't constantly push my entire family into getting organised, then they'll all gravitate to a state of equilibrium that means looking at a screen and not doing anything that they're meant to.

I'm sure everyone would have fun, but there are consequences to that shit.

When I'm done on this blog entry, I have a load of washing to put on the line. When I'm done with today's Instant, I have another load of laundry for the line, a parcel to fetch, and bread to buy. And since I'm out and about anyway, I'll be scouting for things to use in Chaos' Halloween costume. Huzzah. And when I come back, there will be intermittent cleaning between work on my current novel and selling the other one.

Wheeeeeee... splat!

Frankly, I'm amazed that I'm not losing weight faster, the amount of running around that I do.