Yet Another Monday

Yet another week of kidwrangling. Yet another 3K words towards the end of my novel. Yet another week of writing stories with the hope of gaining Notice from someone influential enough to get me on the lists of the worthy.

It was a long-arse day, yesterday. Today promises to be longer because I am still exhausted.

I did wake up at 3AM again, but... I didn't go record anything because tired. I need more rest.

In diet news, I'm trying a Stevia/Monkfruit sweetener blend which is actually what it says on the tin. After a week of having that stuff in my coffee/tea, I should know if there's any after-effects.

Currently, thanks to too many carbs, my joints are feeling chalky, especially in my fingers. I'm feeling a little bit... swollen in the hands. Though there's no visible show of retaining water up in there.

Meanwhile, I'm keeping to some strict Keto to erode that noise. Fasting for as long as possible, keeping to the protein and approved salads et cetera. I should be back to "normal" by Thursday.

The best news for me this week is that D&D is BACK ON! Yes! I get to get my shenanigans back and be true to my Chaotic Nuisance self. Cue evil laugh.

I can't wait for the fun.