Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

So. I took my lappy in for a service, and they have it in the shop for five firkin days. Yesterday, all I had was my iPad to work on. It is not easy to copy/pasta on an iPad so... some shortcuts were had.

The internet got back on, so I caught up a little on my preferred distractions. The great news is that I can get back to my usual bullshit today.

Today... Oof.

Today I woke up at like 3AM. AGAIN. Because anxiety is always a pain in my butt. Today, I plan on catching up with my content creation. Patreon. Wordpress. Some fanfics if I can wrangle them. Two, if I'm especially brilliant.

Before the kids take off, it shall be sit-down and create content.

After the kids take off... I shall notch some boards for the cat container, then take a breather by sitting down to create content. My arms will be soggy noodles by sunset.

THEN I haul my and Mayhem's arse all the way to Brisbane to play some D&D. Which usually means I shall not get to sleep until midnight. Ouch.

It's going to be a long, long, long day. The only way it could get more mentally intensive is if I had to work on a novel as well. With luck, I should be back onto worldbuilding by next week.

With luck, I shall have a kittycat condo and a baby kitty to love, next week. Expect adorable photos somewhere.

If not, expect angst.

Because TOMORROW. Whilst still ratted from D&D, I shall be pushing my floppy arse to do all the things for making the kitty condo. Sawing. Glueing. Nailing. All of that jazz. All. Weekend.

I'm going to be BLASTED. No lie. Lots of hard work ahead for future cherished moggy. Lots of caffeine needed for local tired-arse writer. Speaking of... I need a coffee and my meds.