Writing Stuff and Learning Things

Thursday. The day I can potentially cut my novel-writing week short by just... spending all day writing my novel.

Why? Tomorrow is D&D night and I want to try catching a Nanna Nap(tm) so I have more energy for roleplay shenanigans. Allegedly.

If I can write 1500 words today, I am a legend. I'll be working on the Instant first, of course. I may or may not be doing any fanfictiony stuff today. It all depends on my mental energies.

I am doing my best over here.

Now onto learning things:

  • If you're doing drybrushing, do it one colour at a time
  • You have to wait after you wash your brush until it dries before swapping to a new colour
  • You can drybrush with non-metallic colours, and it involves a heavy degree of technicality including:
  • Make sure your colour is WELL mixed
  • Make sure your brush is almost out of paint

Always shake your paint pots thoroughly before painting, kids.

It's easier to tilt your mini than to tilt your brush.

I have learned that an over-brushing of yellowish over brown with a drybrush gives a nice leather-esque look. Neat.

I'm going to try an overwash with yellow underneath and see what that does for a look.