I just remembered this morning that I didn't put my Patreon stuff up yesterday. That will happen today. Promise.

Also happening today is a new dishwasher. This means I really need to think about my next Ko-Fi goal because just about all my gaseous dreams are coming true.

Air con for the entire house? Check.
Improved solar and wall battery unit? Check.
Actual non-sabotagable power system for the shed where we park our cars? Check.
Drainage and fucking driveway for that same shed? Check.

About the only thing that's not happening right now is a shiny electric car for myself, but having seen how Musk is ripping off the world with his new Tesla? I'm not sure I want it. I'm'a shop around a little bit, maybe.

I have thoughts of installing a Hobbit Hole type guest house in the back yard, but IDK how legal that is in this particular area. They do look awesome, though. It'd be nice if I could find someone doing that here in Australia, because that would mean that someone in the halls of Administrivia gave that nonse the thumbs-up. Which would make my nebulous and gassy plans a squinch closer to reality.

Google has not been my friend, today. Any of my Readers who know about this? Please help. You can have a cameo...

I'd really like to know if I can legally have that sort of thing on my land.