Looks like I forgot to write my blog entry before I got on with my story. Again. Even when I'm back on a routine, I forget important bits. It's a concern. I'm not even fifty, yet, and I have a life loaded with what you might call Senior's Moments.

I left my compy to go get tissues and then forgot what I was out for. Until I got back to my compy and remembered my semi-permanent sniffles. Whoops.

At least I remembered my meds today. That's a definite step forwards in the Remembering Shit stakes. The more often I remember to take my assorted benefit pills, the more likely it is that I shall function as a cogniscent being.

I'm trying to hack my habits, this year, and that involves some Meal Prep. If I cook a bunch of stuff and portion it out as healthy meals to freeze, then the chances are high that I shall have said healthy meal rather than sticking to Just Deep-fried Pork Belly And Hollandaise. Beloved has pointed out that my habit of "grab something out of the freezer and devour that" is not good in the long term. I might already be suffering consequences.

I'll find out what exactly those are when they stop. You'll see diary entries like "Hey I can run up and down stairs again" or, "Hey my joints stopped being so noisy all the time" or, "How did I stop using xylitol to maintain good toilet habits and when?" I am prone to a little TMI in these things, to be honest.

Good habit maintenance for me is like chasing an absent-minded lazy zombie who just goes through similar motions all the time. The zombie is me. Making myself do good stuff has to begin with knowing what I do to myself. Establish good patterns and cease backsliding and we could well be fine.

Such good habits include:
1. Shutting down electrical devices when I'm done using them
2. Making a bunch of ready-to-eat meals that stay under my macros
3. Keeping track of when I'm running low of essentials and making certain I maintain a supply

Essentials like Actual Stevia sweetener [instead of blends that are 90% sugar, isomaltodextrose, xylitol, or all of the above, plus filler, and only contain a very small amount of actual stevia], cat food, my meds, and a proper balance of nutritious foodstuffs. Some of these are tricky to get a hold of.

So. After I post everything, I'm going to go find a source of Pure Stevia and order some. Because I'm so low that I'm almost out.