We went to the movies, yesterday. And picked up a whole lot of sugar-free lollies. And made the mistake of eating huge amounts of them.

Commercially-available artificial sweeteners are usually the kind that have the side-effect of loosening your stool.

You can guess that some of us had a very interesting night.

Mayhem is going to have a very interesting day, too, because I just discovered some outright fraud on his behalf. I had told him to fold and sort, and it turns out he had just sorted and chucked some stuff on the side so he could be "done" quicker.

On top of it all, he denied knowing what I was talking about.

So, he gets a demerit for every point he fraudulently earned. Demerits take ten points to pay off, so Mayhem should learn his frikkin' lesson this damn time.

It's going to take him a lot of work to pay off his lies.

Meanwhile, I've got a cure-what-ails you mince stew going in the slow cooker. That should put an end to any remaining digestive upsets. Not that this stuff seems to have a lingering effect, thank goodness.

I am now officially two weeks away from finishing Beauties and the Beastly. Which means sending out the draft to all my lovely beta-readers and hoping they get back to me before I'm halfway done with my next novel.

You know exactly who I'm looking at, out there. I had to chase you down for most of this novel-in-progress. That's not good for my already-frazzled nerves.

It's getting closer and closer to the deadline for potentially being accepted for a firkin change. That would be... pretty excellent, but I'm still waiting for the rejection letter. I know I'm going to get rejected again. And if I keep knowing that, my odds of being pleasantly surprised increase by the day.

It's my illogic, I can do what I want.