There's only three stories in Episode 21 of Inter-Mission because story #3 is We're Mostly Harmless, I Swear... the one that started off all the Space Orciness in my pet universe. It's a long, long story. So is the immediate next one.

The fires in NSW and Victoria are finally dying down. I suspect it's more due to there being little left to burn. Of course, there being an influx of severe rainstorms is probably helping with the lack of fire, but of course with floods comes erosions because there's nothing alive to hold the soil back any more.

Australia's pretty much always been five good disasters away from being a devastated ruin, but this climate change fiasco has put us at probably two disasters away from devastation and ruin. We can't sell off coal if there's no-one left to mine it and we can't grab tourist cash if there's nothing left to see.

I still have to go do my 750 words for the thing, to see if it helps my clarity of thought for the day.

Story soon enough. Then I try working on my novel before I sink into the indulgence that is writing for myself.