It's a good thing I decided to do things the right way around, this morning.

I knew I would not have time to get my money on the brat run, this AM. So I waited until Chaos' bus was on its way before journeying out to get cash and victuals to restock our supplies.

And a good thing I did, because I have barely had time to sit before now.

Got a few paragraphs in on Babes in the Woods, though, so that's some progress.

I feel like a pinball, ricochetting around between destinations, but I am making progress.

In medical news, I'm staying on top of my temporary plague with the help of Loads of Ginger and Loads of Garlic, both of which are residing in my patented garlic ginger chicken soup. Two handfuls of garlic, probably half a cup of grated ginger, a solid kilo of tomatoes, a 'splurp' of vinegar and chicken thighs. Those are the essential ingredients. This time around, we added celery, asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms, and carrots to the mix, as well as some coconut cream.

Delicious, nutritious, and good for what ails you.

That, combined with my Ginger Ale Shandy [1 bottle of ginger ale, the rest of the litre bottle of lemonade, plus some orange/mango cordial - all sugar free. Mix well and imbibe whenever the throat rebels] has been keeping me appearing hale and hearty for the interim.

I'm not spending a lot of time in public places and attempting to keep my vile germs to myself.

No rash so far, and no excessive fever, either. Which means that it might not be chicken pox. Or I might finally be asymptomatic, which also means I'm a plague vector. I'm keeping myself isolated as much as I can, though.

With any luck, I should be better soon. I can but hope.