Challenge #01884-E060: Let's Make it Clear

Mutual responsibility, when both the government and the governed rely on each other. -- Anon Guest

"Ask any guy in a bar, and he already knows how to run this country better than any schmo in office. So to that point, I am making all our laws, all our policies clear. Including nationwide reform and initiating a coherent set of laws for all states and counties in our beautiful country. If you care about how this country is run, tell us the good things that are being done. Tell us the bad things that need to change. We've even set up an app that lets you, the everyday citizen, have your say. Once a day, you open up the app, fill in the form, and we will listen."

The crowd roared.

"In just a few days, this Sunday, we will hold a nation-wide referendum. Every public school, every public library, will be open for twenty-four hours. So that you, the people who care about this country, can vote as to whether this app becomes a legal means of petitioning our government. Every citizen who cares will have their say, but this vote will cut the red tape..."

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