What a state of affairs

I'm getting close to having 300 followers on Tumblr. The last time I did a promotion, one of my winners only collected a third of their grand prize and has yet to decide on the other two parts. I need to chase them up about things.

I finally have a day in which I can seek out and begin sending enquiries to agents in New York. That's going to be fun.

Plus I have plans to finish at least one more pair of flag earrings because I need to have stock for EGDB.

Plus the usual writing load, plus my newfound inspiration on the daily doodle.

I have this knack of giving myself projects until such time as I'm snowed under and I have to give something up. Then I feel atrocious for surrendering to my actual needs and hurl myself into a depression spiral. And feeling Humpish about making clip-ons isn't helping so much.

This Saturday, I am starting a vlog series of Let's Plays. I'm calling it Shaturday Specials, and you can guess the quality of game that I'm playing with.

I expect Cease and Desist orders before the second episode is done. But it's a critique and a performance and is thus a transformative work. I'm making zero money out of it and they can't really claim that my pissant YouTube channel is killing their business. I have maybe three followers and not one of them is anyone I know. And I'm pretty sure the people who follow me did so by accident.

MeMum's a technophobe, so I can't cry about her not following my YouTube channel.

I'm feeling a little weighed down, and everything I'm doing is at the payoff-later stage and it's not yet rewarding and everything is getting so... Eeeehhhhhh...

It's something I have to muscle through. It'd be easier if my chocolate supply hadn't run out and we actually had spare moneys to get more. Sigh. At least Shaturday Specials promises some laughs. I need laughs.

I also need my own weight in chocolate, gaijin sushi, backrubs, and bubble bath. Not gonna get it. Alas.