Challenge #01250-C155: Dragon/Princess/Knight

Dragon rescues Princess from Knight -- Gallifreya

"EUGH! NO! Get. Off. Me!"

Trillwhistle gave off looking for the right kind of rocks to scrape off her old skin on and followed the sounds of feminine protest.

"Come on. It's only a kiss. It's my due."

In a clearing not far from the rough, rocky outcropping that Trillwhistle had been considering as a hide-scraper, there was... a Scene.

It looked like some of the pictures from the human books. A lovely glade, a knight in shining armour, and a maiden fair. The problem was that the maiden wasn't lavishing her love on the knight. In fact, she was holding him off with a burning brand from a nearby campfire.

Trillwhistle saw the torn dress. The blood and bruises. The fear in her eyes.

And pinned down the knight in one clean motion. "She said 'no', O allegedly noble one. She should not have to say it more than once."

He was very far from his sword. And his breeches were halfway untied. He had more on his mind than just a kiss. And they were miles away from any human help.

"Climb on my back," offered Trillwhistle. "I can take you anywhere you need to go."

She didn't need a second offer. The brand fell to the grass and snuffed out in a small plume of steam. She was light on Trillwhistle's back.

Trillwhistle would be uncomfortable for a little while longer, but it was always worth it to help another. "I am Trillwhistle," she said. "What's your name?"

"Amanda." She was breathless and most of her weight spread flat against Trillwhistle's neck. Hot wetness spilled where her face lay. "I thought nothing could be worse than Trolls. I was wrong."

The Princess Amanda didn't have any destination in mind, since her father was the one who sold her to the trolls in the hopes of getting her married. Trillwhistle took her to her own grotto where it turned out that Amanda was more than adept at helping a dragon to shed its skin. And that she didn't mind at all that they were both ladies in the middle of nowhere.

Amanda's father swore that she just needed to find the right man. Instead, the proper dragon found her.

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