We're back!

Once again, the internet outage was just long enough to be homicidally annoying. I usually give the nice peeps in charge of our interwebs until the next day to get the digits out of their orifii, and it actually works.

Plus, let's face it, I was busy as hell during most of yesterday.

Mayhem is back to school and so is Chaos, so I might just have a time window in which to record some stories and maybe edit some Inter-Mission for everyone.

I can hope and dream.

Also, I really need to brave my arse up and go seeking another people via #MSWL in order to send them my thing. One down, five to go.

It's kind'a killing be because I now lack enough beta readers to put anything else out there and once Adapting is gone... then what?

Any help is appreciated, folks.