Welp. I'm buggering off...

Farewell US, farewell, Tucson. Farewell, all the amazing fun times I had here. I hope to return, but I know the realities of budgetary constraints and... I might not ever come back.

However, if Beloved wants to spend their frequent flier miles on another trip to see Steam Powered Giraffe... I will never never never say no. Best present ever. 100/10 would do again in a cold second.

And I have a bloody good cosplay to take with me if I ever do cons locally. Which might be a plan because I am going to use Bitzer to raise money for Leukemia.

But for now, I have four flights to catch, a story to write, and a family to hug when I finally get to Brisbane on Thursday.

Yup. Downside of international flight/time travel. I gained a day coming here and I lose a day coming back.

Check my Tumblr blog for a liveblogging of my flight experience. I can't post photos because Tumblr mobile is a pain in the butt... but I can probably wax lyrical about the accommodations.

But for now... story.