We did go on a riverboat tour. For some reason, I was convinced that it would also be a paddle-steamer. No such luck. There were a few paddlewheel boats on the river, but they weren't operational.

Miss Chaos had a beautiful birthday cake made for her by the tour people, and she's been allowed to have all the chocolate-coated strawberries that were on the top and what looks suspiciously like a Ferrero-Rocher praline ball. All of which will be gone, I suspect, before the sun has quite cleared the horizon today.

I took a lot of photos, which will be part of Miss Chaos' what-I-did-on-the-holidays photojournal thing which I shall hopefully be able to do up this coming weekend. Assuming I'm not completely wrecked by this week's happenings.

We all had too much sugar, last night. Which means that we're all slightly wrecked today.

In art news, I have finished the first 'shot' of the Sleep Evil Sleep Project and begun work on the second. Hooray! Though I have had to purchase a non-touchscreen-reactive straight edge assistance tool. AKA a wooden ruler. Which I shall no doubt personalise the heck out of in any absent moment that I have said ruler and a pen or pencil in my hand.

Rulers are doodle surfaces to my mind. I don't know why.

Beloved's Mum, Capt. S., has held her riverboat captain's license for fifty years. That's some kind of amazing and she's giving the local schoolkids a talk about that later on today. This is all really her holiday. We're just emotional support.

I managed to get a heckton of the Woolies' superhero plastic pog gear things on our last supply run, and the entire family is treating them as a construction toy. Joy. At least they lie flat enough to not pierce an unsuspecting foot at fuckoff in the morning.

Also, MeMum's compy has done something weird enough to warrant her calling me about it. Joy. An update has done something funny and now I can't do anything about it until at least this weekend. These things always happen when I'm miles away, I swear.

Holidays. They're the time for everything to stuff up.