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I learn a lot, I do little

Yesterday, I spent most of my time just waiting for my dough to grow. It didn't, really. So I gave up and did the proofing basket thing et cetera.

As I explained it to beloved, prepping the dough for baking from the proofing baskets goes like: Fold... fold... fold, fold, fold... foldfoldfoldfoldfold... gotcha!

A process made even more interesting by the fact that the liners for my improvised proofing baskets freaking disintegrated and I had to make do with tea towels, which I can never actually flour properly. Therefore a part of the process is gently disentangling dough from cloth.

Of course, we have ordered some of the proper ones but, like everything else in this day and age, the order processing and delivery is on hold whilst the plague reshapes the world in its own image.

These last few days, I've been bingeing She-Ra and loving it. The whole series is lovely. Get it. Watch it. You're welcome.

This week, I may be seeing if I can get back into my novel without going on a three-page diatribe about how bloody stupid people are during pandemics. This is the downside of writing a main character who has studied Fantasy Medicine.

I may not get anything done in the novel. I am prepared for this. I'm still stressed about the continuing clusterfuck, and writing anything is something of a minor miracle.

My Dutch Oven has a rust spot, and the instructions I've found go as follows:

  1. Scrub the rust away and dry carefully
  2. Place a high-smoke oil on the spot
  3. Bake at the highest possible temperature for a couple of hours
  4. Hope for the best

Aussie ovens apparently don't get as hot as the US ones and I may have to take this thing to an expert or even replace it which means more spending in my immediate future.

Kind of nervous about all this because the last time I checked, I had zero money. A check today reveals a return of cashola and a resolution to be EXTREMELY CONSERVATIVE with my spending in the foreseeable future.

I'll see how long that lasts.

For now, I have a tale to tell.

Pushing On

I'm doubling up on Wednesdays and Thursdays so that I have more freedom on my Fridays. That should give me a time window to get back to learning Java or any other of my gas projects.

Assuming I can focus on anything, tomorrow.

If I can't focus, I can fuzz out. Just... turn on something and tune out for a while. Let everything settle until something turns solid enough to deal with.

Not knowing anything is a bitch.

I just gotta keep

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That was a lovely nothing, this weekend. I enjoyed it heartily.

Today, I have a poll so all my lovely followers can vote on what they want me to write. As you can see, my subject kittens are proliferating nicely.

I have more ideas than I have time to write. Fingers crossed that keeps me going until I reach a grand old age.

Today's another day of the grind, but this time, I can play my vinyl collection again. As I suspected,

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Almost sorted

I have one thing left on my to-be-sourced list: wardrobe.

I like to look nice on Yule, and all the nice clothes are never built to last. Plus I'm one of those gremlins who wear nice things until they die.

One day, I'll be rich enough to afford clothes that look nice and last. Maybe even hand-crafted to fit... imagine.

I can dream.

Realtalk, it's something to aim for that I will probably never grasp. It's something you need to have millionaire

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Challenge #02115-E292: A Roadmap to Neverthere

"Look, the directions are simple; go down that way, and turn left on Thursday." -- Anon Guest

Navigation is difficult in realms where time is nonlinear. In the fractured temporal core of Lymnaal, directions are almost meaningless as well. One can walk away from a point, steps never wavering, and meet oneself coming the other way. There are places bordered by red paint. It is wise never to set a foot there.

Yet people still operate in this broken place. People are

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I almost forgot to blog here. Can't disappoint my two viewers from a snapshot of my disorganised life.

Yesterday, we packed up and then shifted out a HUGE amount of ex-clothing. From too small, to too large, to just plain too many... we got rid of it all. And it's an immense relief to have that noise the hell out of my house.

Decluttering is hard work for a hoarder. But it also has the benefit of adding a larger fasting window

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We did go on a riverboat tour. For some reason, I was convinced that it would also be a paddle-steamer. No such luck. There were a few paddlewheel boats on the river, but they weren't operational.

Miss Chaos had a beautiful birthday cake made for her by the tour people, and she's been allowed to have all the chocolate-coated strawberries that were on the top and what looks suspiciously like a Ferrero-Rocher praline ball. All of which will be gone, I suspect,

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Another special day

Miss Chaos is having an adventure, and everything is revolving around her, today.

Which is why you won't be getting a fresh story until sometime this afternoon. Doing my bloggy stuff is quick and easy, but doing a story takes daydreaming time.

I will be taking Beauties and the Beastly with me via the lappy, but it's anyone's guess as to whether I'll be able to write anything in it before the day is over.

I'm pretty good at squeezing sentences out

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Broken Day

Today's the day I take Chaos for a tour of her new school. It happens to take up enough time to dominate the rest of her school day, so she's not going back for like half an hour of alleged education. Especially when she goes non-verbal from excitement.

And it's a broken day for me, because I have to haul arse close to the middle of the day to take Chaos for said tour.

Regardless of whether or not I've finished the

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Miracle of Nature

The plovers that have been camping out in our yard and terrorising unsolicited callers have finally hatched their eggs. There's four cute, tiny, puff-balls toddling in the grass near the front fence. The last one to hatch is still working out what these things called 'legs' are for and how they work.

I've named that one Little Wobble.

The family of six are still ambling aimlessly in our lawn, but will soon be exploring greater territories in the neighbourhood.

In other business,

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Beloved got paid, yesterday, which means I have money in the bank today. Which means that I can go out and get the life essentials, like almond milk, tub fruit, and ingredients for some adjusted noms.

The recipe originally hails from this tumblr post but I've done some twiddling.

I've replaced the sugar with Stevia, and the peanuts with almonds, and will probably remove as much of the salt as I can get away with by default. Since you can't get salted,

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The house is starting to look firkin fantastic. The kitchen countertops only need a little bit done, the bathroom's gorgeous. We start our day with the beds being made.

Today, I'm talking with the school dental van about braces for Miss Chaos. Something that's happening in TWENTY MINUTES.


I'm also doing some minor and major futzing to get Chaos' costume done. This is going to include some shopping at Jaycar later on. The dollar shop light I got only does red.

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My mornings are rather busy, thanks to back-to-school shenanigans. And since Beloved is busy a lot, too, the cuddle time I thought I'd be getting is still lacking. Boo.

Most of my morning spoons are spent arguing with my little darlings. Getting them to do the things they should be doing anyway. Mayhem provided the most opposition, this morning. Refusing to do a sink wash and thereby fill the drainer so I could empty it.

The final argument was that I could

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I'm about to bust a record

The official count for all my Instants is a grand one thousand.

Now what famous anthology of tales is close to that? Oh yes. One thousand and one nights.

I won't crow until I beat that record, so you're safe for today. I've been planning on this for the better part of three years. And by crikey, I am going to celebrate.

Not that I have a lot to toss around as gifts because broke as fuck. All I have is my

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