Well. That was educational

Drove down towards the more mountainous areas of Brisbane so we could climb some equally mountainous stairs and sign some important documents so we can have an investment property.

With good luck and no further housing bubbles, Beloved and I should never have to go begging to the government for a retirement stipend that nobody could live on anyway. Which is the way the government prefers it.

Giving people a stipend? Pshaw! They could play with that money. Better that older people just slink off somewhere to die.

Cynical. Aren't I?

Anyway, I did my 500 words on the novel on the way in. Drove myself back after Beloved got to work. So that's one thing I have to accomplish out of the way.

Which is why I love getting things done now. I can accomplish crap by nibbling it to death. With a little help here and there, I'm way ahead of where I thought I'd be. Determination and doing a little every day definitely helps.

I may actually be on an upward spiral instead of my usual downspin. This is an immense leap for me. This is such a good deal.

And Beloved, who hasn't experienced a mote of this noise, just doesn't get it. Ah well. I should be glad that my love has never had to live in that mental neighbourhood. It's not a nice place to be.

On the other hand, I'm crawling out of there so it has to be a good thing.