Well that happened

Yesterday, all I had in the morning was a smoothie. And then I had a painful gutsache that had me out for the count for the majority of the day.

I think something I put in my smoothies is doing me a bad.

It could well be the frozen fruit. That stuff is... a bit on the awful side, but I thought it wouldn't matter because frozen. It's been in my freezer, thawing and refreezing, for the better part of a year. Probably an actual year. And my stingy arse won't throw anything away that I deem as "still good".

I've had fresh fruit smoothies and not had the quirbles as bad. And I know almond milk hasn't done a thing to me in the past. Or I think it doesn't...

Paranoia is such fun.

I'll experiment later. For all I know, my super-sensitive innards are hyper aware of a slight particle decay in one of my ingredients and will kick up at the slightest provocation. I may have detected a single molecule of arsenic caused by one almond in a million being that little tinge more bitter than any of the others. I might have detected a single spore or a corrupted cell of frozen and refrozen fruit from my otherwise delicious smoothie.

I don't know.

BUT - I literally can't afford to do that again until after the yule party, so no more smoothies for me. Besides, we're currently out of cream.

I'll stick with coffee or Keto Sports.