Well, Shit

It is Friday, and I am still horking up chunks. Damnit.

Which means that I have to drag myself off to the Quack's for some antibiotics. Which I am flakey about taking for some reason.

On the plus side, I'm drying out. Which means the environment for bacterial shenanigans might just vanish. But I can't fool myself forever. Just as I wrote that, up came another chunk.

Can not be delusional with myself. Gotta book that appointment for me today. That was the deal.


At least there's a nice app I can use and not have to call in. Yay. I guess.

But I still abhor going. Even if I do manage to do stuff like fanfic while I wait. I was just getting used to not needing the doctor for every other thing. Or not waiting until I had three things wrong with me before going so I didn't waste everyone else's time.

Yeah. That was a thing I did. Pre-Keto.

I swear, I'm a collection of self-toxic habits in thermal underwear.

But I write some pretty good stories? So there's that?