Well my leg is better...

My left knee has decided to co-operate after literally four days of relative hell. Then my left ankle decided, "Nope. We don't get to walk normally any more."

I think my left leg is over its tantrums for now. Just in time for my right leg to pull shenanigans on me. It would just even things out.

But no, wait. My left hip hasn't had a tantrum yet.

Sigh. It's not easy getting old and still needing to do stuff.

Today... I will post A Chapter Of... something. I need to trawl my Wordpress archives for chapters and see which of my unpublished works haven't peeked into the light of day yet.

That promises to be both fun and relatively easy. At least I won't have to churn my noggin about it for very long.

So... the agenda today:

  • Wordpress shenanigans
  • Brat run
  • Instant Story
  • 500-1000 words in my novel

and if I have energy after that, I shall try writing for fun.

Wish me every luck. I think I shall need it.