Week Five? Week Six?

I have lost count, and the person who said they'd take six weeks max to get back to me hasn't got back to me and I think I should scour my sent box to see if a reply wound up in my junk folder and... PARANOIA!

Anxiety is sometimes a sack of suck.

Today is Ekka Monday, and the kids are at home, but Beloved is going to work. Once it hits 7:30-ish, I shall have to lock the kittens outside in the Kitty Kondo, and then scoot off to get cashes. A process only slightly hindered by the fact that Pippi is the World Champion of Hide and Seek. That sleek little creature is excellent at stealth.

I now have half an hour to find her and that promises to be some degree of fun.

Today... after the cleaning of the house is finito, I shall let the kitties back into the house and get on with whatever I have going on. I still have episode 10 of Inter-Mission to finalise with the new advertising blurb in place. It's longer than the old one, so I can't splice it into older episodes because timing issues.


I could look at the shorter ones and try it, but that leaves any longer ones high and dry on the old spiel. I dunno. I'll take a look at what I've got and see about things.

Sometime soon, I have to ransom my car back from the repair people. If the place is open today. If it is, I have the Big Card to pay for my vehicle and if not... well, nothing spent is a gain of sorts.

To do today:

  • Money run
  • Unfuck the house
  • Ring the nice ppl who have my car
  • If they do have the car, go get it thanks to rentable rides
  • Instant story
  • 500-1K words
  • If possible, write some fun fiction too.